The Integrity Sports International Story

Integrity Sports International has been an idea, a concept, and a philosophy we have had for many years. We always felt it would be fun and rewarding to work with kids. Something happened that caused us to act upon this idea and turn it into a reality.

Our camps and services are available to those at the Mite-Pro levels. You are not giving your players their maximum potential without our top level services. Our training programs can take your team, company, or organization to the next level.

I was at the rink one day and a director of a hockey camp from Minnesota asked me how old my son was. I told him 18 months and he said to me,

“Don’t wait too long to get your kids’ program jumpstarted.”

I started chuckling to myself only to see this guy was serious and that’s when the light went on. If this is how people are speaking to parents that have actually played the game, what are they saying to parents who don’t have any idea what to do, or what’s best for their child?

After that we sat down and started laying out the type of program that we would want our kids to be a part of. The philosophy had been set and from there it was only a matter of time…

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